GenrePagan Metal
ProductionsHexer (Single)

“Me and my band recorded 2 promo songs and an album supervised by Michael.

He took a lot of his time for us to get the best result possible and had an ear for every detail.
We also use a violin, which is not the most common instrument to deal with as a sound engineer and the result turned out very well.

While mixing and mastering he respected every wish we had and gave us professional and experienced advice. We are very happy with the results.
I can’t imagine there’s many who do their job as good as him for a similar charge.”

– Clemens Detsch

GenreBlackened Death Metal
ProductionsAbyss/Besna Split

“After finishing our concept for a new record, we decided to consult Michael.

Besides the flawless end-product, […] what really stood out was the process. As a musician himself, we had the feeling that Michael could easily grasp our vision, even when it came to the small details or pending, vague concepts of ours, which pathways to realization he first had to break through.

This is thanks to his social working mode, which delivers the feeling that he is not only some hired engineer but an inherent part of the project. He is caring about good communication, be it inside the studio, or during the mixing/mastering process.

Therefore, if you have a project and you are looking for a studio that is delivering service way above its price range I would suggest YOU to contact him NOW.”
– Andreas Mühlhuber

ArtistQuiet Observer
GenreProgressive Metal
ProductionsThe Final Day

“The work with Michael went absolutely smoothly. Especially since this was the first time recording an album for me.

He had a great dedication to make the best possible product, taking on recording as well as mixing and mastering. It really helped getting the album to sound the way it does now.

For me, there is no better choice right now than having Michael produce future Quiet Observer material aswell.”

– Maximilian Birkl

GenreTechnical / Melodic Death Metal

” After hearing Michael’s stellar work with his solo records, my band Solipsis went to him for the mixing and mastering of our debut EP Absolution.

We were a bit apprehensive about how it would work as we’re in the US and Michael is based in Germany, but he was always incredibly responsive and kept us in the loop every step of the way.

He was always willing to put in the extra time and effort to achieve the best possible result and we’re very happy with how the EP turned out!”

– Chris Jones